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Telling the powerful story of history's 'Amazing Grace'

It seeks the source of power of justice from the morality of Christianity. I don't agree with the equivalence it drew between fascism and communism although I do admit the political repression both exist under the practices of these system. And its depiction of Christianity is extracted from a small part of its complicated history consisting good as well as harm. There is no superior moral or just criteria in judging any part of the history. Why did people start slavery or other horrors in humanity under the long-existing religion or more specifically, Christianity in this case? And how about the massacres Western countries conducted in villages of Philippine or Vietnam? There were so many factors behind the abolition of slavery, i. e., the northern disadvantages in the first half of Civil War in the case of United States.
By simply saying "Slavery, a hideous human institution common in just about every culture throughout history, was on its way to ending in the West, thanks to the influence of Christian morality", it can only contribute to the support of Christian supremacy and relatively demonize the rest. And by these, this article or the arrogant devout belief behind, itself hinder the pace of the humanity's contemporary tendency -- the global equity and justice.


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