Regular Fasting in Weekend

I think the feeling of hunger is a vital part to one's sensitivity which aids the individual's survival by reminding that his or her mental state is bound to the physical being of the body. However, in daily life, I found that eating has often become a scheduled task which occurs at a regular schedule without regard to whether or not one feels the need to do so. (This is made possible by the modern efficiency in producing food and there is undoubtedly good reasons for it.) Arguably in modern age, an overwhelming emphasis is placed on the intellectual as opposite to the bodily in a fashion as if the two were separable and the body mainly exists to sustain the intellect. Gradually, eating as a task becomes mechanical and contrived. We often seek to disrupt this growing numbness by trying new food, but I think a better solution is to feel the essential feeling of hunger again by fasting. For the past few years, I usually skipped a meal on Saturday and/or Sunday and that helped restore my integral sense of body and mind.

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