Anxiety over Options

I thought at length how to "allocate" my content on the web. Nowadays, in stark contrast to the past, there are many portals for hosting/presenting personal content: social network sites, blogs, video hosting sites, photo hosting sites, etc. Sometimes, this creates anxiety as where to share a specific piece of content: maybe LinkedIn for professional stuff, Facebook for fun, etc. And the ease-of-use offered does come with a price which is the uniqueness of representation, what many people long for. So I have come to these conclusions:

  1. personal websites are definitely not dead yet and I think its niche lies in the radical pursuit of identity, e.g. it is cool to own the domain name same as your name.
  2. there is inherent ambiguity in the intended use of web services, e.g. your mother just friended you on Facebook, using Google forms as database (I recently went to a business school workshop in which the speaker built his minimal viable product using free/very cheap web services), etc.

I think seeing all the web services as tools is helpful. Like what Marx once said, the discovery of functions of an object is history, as opposed to viewing functions of an object limited to its initial design. A good example is apple, i mean, a real apple, not Apple, Inc. Imagine that scientists discovered besides of being a delicious snack, some scientists discover its anti-cancer effect someday. It might be argued that the anti-cancer effect has always been a function of apples and my point is really about the human knowledge of functions. But that is crucial bit: even if the function is eternally associated with a certain object, it is useless without our discovering it (c.f. the question about existence). And in fact, I do not subscribe to the view of regarding functions as inherent properties of objects, but human constructs instead.

Okay, back to the question on personal content allocation, my solution is to use this blog really as a public log (the term blog came from web log) and will share most of my meaningful thoughts here for the ease to maintain (and then put the links onto other social sites) and build a very simple website as a portal for unique identity.

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