Domain Mapping Verification with Nslookup Command

I have been setting up my domain name(s) and redirection in the past few days. This process is frustrating for me, a starter for the speed of DNS record propagation in the web which might take up to 48 hrs. Basically main name servers around the world will update their records with each other. And my default DNS server which is provided by my ISP might not have a updated record of my zone file and this delays my testing.

I used Windows to do most of my development and I found a good use of its nslookup command to speed up this process by designating the nameserver to the one hosting my zone file using this command
nslookup -d <your_domain_name> <your_nameserver_url>
(the "-d" is optional and with it the command returns more details.)

For example, I used GoDaddy to host my domain zone files and my updated zone file lives on ns65.domaincontrol.com (and ns66.domaincontrol.com) as indicated in the screenshot:

For more info on nslookup on Microsoft Support: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/200525


  1. Hi, Falco,

    did you have to wait for a long time until the request
    "nslookup falcondai.com ns65.domaincontrol.com"
    effectively works

    I've setup a new dns with godaddy yesterday, and the equivalent request still refuses ("** server can't find name_of_my_domain.com: REFUSED"). I assumed that a direct query to the appropriate DNS server should be immediately propagated

    1. I don't register (and change DNS) often enough to give you a helpful response on this question. But the whole point of this article is that you can check whether your DNS setting changes takes effect or not sooner than waiting for its propagation through the Internet. Try this "nslookup -d your_domain_name your_dns_server" (-d option gives more details which are helpful).

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