Weibo Redirecting Loop Fixed (Finally)

Yep, I used Sina Weibo and this is me @ weibo. I have been annoyed by their redirect loop for quite a while. So if you use the handy tool curl to look at weibo.com with
curl -I weibo.com
(the -I switch gives only the returned header). You see that the domain is redirected to www.weibo.com. It used to be that www.weibo.com redirects back to weibo.com, thus the loop. (The way you get out of it was to directly visiting your weibo profile (such as www.weibo.com/falcondai). I think they just fixed this problem in the past few days and www.weibo.com no longer redirects back to weibo.com


  1. i'm still getting that error. i've cleared my cookies on my 3 browsers and everything, but it still doesn't work. it's really bugging me :|

    1. true, maybe i should chop the "fixed" in the title. i found the situation quite unstable: it is such a simple and small error to fix! btw, it is not because any of your settings! it is due to Sina's domain setup (like the stuff i showed on my previous article).