Monitor Your Online Presence

Online Presence Management is a big topic and is growing with ther availability of personal info online. I am learning how to do things right in this area and I intended to log what I did and hopefully this will be useful for others.

The approach I took to accomplish the goal
controlling what others see about me on the web
starts with understanding how someone finds you.

The answer is rather obvious for most people: Google. Therefore we should care about the google search results of our names on the first few pages (or as many as you feel adequate). Seeing what others will probably read about you will guide the future moves.

The natural question here is:
Google search results change with time (like everything else), how do I keep up with it?
set up a Google alerts!
I have set up Google alerts for my name and email addresses so I can receive notice as soon as new search result regarding them appear.

You might also want to know a few handy Google search operator: <item1> OR <item2> returns search results that matches either item1 or item2 and * is the wildcard that matches anything.

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