Rebooting My Blog

Recently struck by the urge to share what I have been thinking and the need to persuade myself that I have learnt something during my soon-to-end undergraduate life at University of Chicago, I decided to pick up blogging as a channel to share my ideas, passion, and above others, life.

What will change? Well, I have been learning to develop mobile app and web app whereas most of my previous experience with programming has been with non-network apps.

So what am I going I planned to mainly write about the following categories: my path into the dev space (I hope to share my experience and learn from my readers), tech ideas, physics/math/philosophy meditation and perspective (my majors and lifetime curiosity), cooking (I love to eat and experiment with food), maybe art and social issues like my old posts.

As for style, I will try to keep things concise and clear. I might also post in both/either English and Chinese. 

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